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We cannot give estimates over the phone.

Our shop minimum is $60.

For single session and small tattoos, we are able to give an upfront price for the entire piece. For a consultation and estimate, you may in bring artwork/reference to the shop, or e-mail it to: We also have a number of designs here, which can be tattooed directly or customized, at no extra charge.

For larger and multi-session tattoos, we charge an hourly rate, which depends upon the style and placement of the piece in question. Our standard rate is between $100 and $180 per hour. There is never an extra charge for custom pieces, however we do require a small deposit for the artwork, which is then discounted from the final price of the tattoo. For a consultation, call (954) 523-3088 or e-mail

Body Piercing Rates:

Ear Lobes: $25 or pair for $40

Upper cartilage: $40.

Inner Ear Cartilage: $45

Tragus, anti tragus, conch, rook, etc

Industrial: $50

Basic: $45

Eyebrow, Lip, Monroe, Nostril, Tongue, Labret, Bridge, Naval (upper/lower).

Nipples: $40 for one, $70 for both

Genitalia: $100

Female: Vertical Hood, Horizontal Hood, Inner Labia, Outer Labia.

Microdermals: $60, two for $100

Surface Bars: $50

Prices include: Piercing Service, basic Surgical Steel Body Jewelry (extra for custom or specific jewelry), and Aftercare Instructions.

Questions on Piercings not mentioned, or any custom work you can call the shop and ask for Carla or email also add us on Facebook @ Babylon Tattoo and Body Piercing!